A mystifying HEAD BOBBLE CODE by Indians


The Indian head shake or head bobble is a common gesture seen in South Asia, mostly in India.
Why do Indians Bob their head for any action and reaction?
It still remains a mystery to identify the meaning of this bobble code. It is also referred as the Indian head wobble or waggle or simply head shake.

A head shake, is it really a yes? Or a no? Or is that okay?
An unsolved mystery.

The basic 3 types of understanding from the head movements are:

Type 1:

Multiple left to right movement along the spine means No or I disagree
Type 2:
Multiple front back movements of head means I’m listening or I’m understanding
Single front back movement of head means signalling someone to come here
Type 3:
Multiple left to right movement along head means I understood or your work will be done

These understandings are firm among Indians. It comes out of a person spontaneously without any hesitation. It prevails commonly in south India, importantly in Tamil nadu.
For example, there’s even an artistic model in Tanjore art works which portrays this bobblehead doll known as ‘Thalaiyatti Bommai’

It’s an interesting topic that every foreign people who visits India trys to learn about this with full joy and excitement.