Apple is now a ‘Made in India’


Here’s the charming news for the Indians. Apple is now becoming a made in India product which gives a glam to all people across India.
The IT Minister Ravi shankar prasad said that the gobal ecosystem is realising there must be other places instead of China as a Big manufacturing unit. So these changes have been decided.
The IT Minister Ravi shankar prasad further said, ”I am glad to inform that apple shifting to India in a significant way, samsung has already come and they further want to expand. I have been told that around eight factories of apple have shifted to India from China.
He said that the bold step by PM Narendra Modi against China has been recognised by US, Uk, Japan and Australia. When something happened with China and Ladakh, Our PM stood firmly and made it very clear that India shall not compromise on its Sovereignty recognized from US, UK and Japan” .
This news trends in the Indian technology which is now a great advantage for both the countries.