Beirut Massive Explosion – Live Report


Beirut explosion was caused by a highly explosive sodium nitrate confiscated from a ship more than a year ago and it was placed in one of the warehouses located in the port They stored explosive fertilizer next to a fireworks storage facility

Lebanon’s health ministry says the death toll from the #Beirut explosion has risen to at least 50.Over 2,750 other people are injured. Victims are still being located and taken away from the blast site. A soldier at the port said: “It’s a catastrophe inside

“This is a catastrophe,” said a doctor.

Several hospitals in #Beirut were damaged by the explosion. Some are asking for generators to keep power on as they evacuate patients.

2750 tons of ammonium nitrate (mostly utilized as a fertilizer) was stored at the Beirut port, ammonium nitrate has an RE factor of 1/0.74 compared to TNT. Meaning the explosion likely had a yield of 2 kilotons TNT equivalent, effectively the yield of a tactical nuclear warhead

Lebanon is already dealing with a major economic crisis and power cuts; the govt is appealing for aid