Can the moon rust? : CHANDRAYAAN-1 REPORTS


Dear moon, at first kindly accept our apologies for rust!

Rusting takes place only when there is both oxygen and water. All of us knew that there is lack of oxygen in moon. Then, how is it possible?
A new study has found rust on the moon, which is completely new and unreasonable.
The moon probably shouldn’t have rust. As the moon is a celestial body that is mostly dry and completely absent of oxygen, couldn’t have any rust. But, it turn out it to be the presence of rust as per reports. And the scientists are trying to figure out the reasons.
A new study published in science advances took data from Indian Space Research Organization Chandrayaan-1 orbiter and discovered that the rock at the moon’s poles had a different composition. Upon close inspection, it was found to be hematite, a common iron.
At first, water exists on the moon in small quantities. Ice water exists in lunar waters, but the water exists on the far side of the moon, far from where the rust occurred. The current theory is the dust particles that often hit the moon are helping to release water molecules, mixing those water molecules with iron on the surface.
Then there is oxygen part, that’s when earth comes in. But it exists in such close proximity to the earth. The moon plays host to trace amounts of oxygen, travelling from earth’s upper atmosphere. Moreover, the side of the moon that faces earth has more rust than the areas that don’t face earth.

This report given by Chandrayaan-1 is very useful for the scientists to know about the rusting of moon. It’s completely unimaginable for the people to accept this rusting fact in moon. But it happens. The scientists are progressing their studies on this and sooner will let us know the updates.

The rusting moon and the stunning reports are strange but real!