Colombo now Dealing with Delhi from a ‘position of strength’!


A historical perusal or review of the long plight of Eelam Tamils would show that a subtle cold war between India and the USA, played over the national question in the island. Their competition to have the dominant nation of Sinhalese, the majority on their side, denied justice to the nation of Eelam Tamils at every stage.

After keeping the world in suspense, Delhi voted for the USA’s historic March 2012 UNHRC resolution. At the same time Delhi also caused comparable damage imposing an iconic condition that accountability proceedings against Sri Lanka required its consent. In normal circumstances action on an UNHRC resolution follows automatically to hold accountability proceedings against those responsible.

Delhi’s stance on the March 2012 UNHRC resolution apparently is purely to please the Tamil voters in Tamil Nadu. In May 2009, the same Delhi did push through a resolution congratulating Sri Lanka government for the massacres to deny UNHRC justice to the victims, ignoring pleas for an international war crimes investigation, even after watching the gruesome Sri Lanka government’s crimes using life satellite pictures.

India and the UK specially worked very closely to support Sri Lanka during the final stages and they knew the human cost as it happened. The US is the primary architect of the counterinsurgency war and the subsequent military solution in the island. Dirty Sonia Congress government of India did underwrite the annihilation of LTTE leadership, obviously an act of revenge.

“Foreign policy of nations are driven by placing self interest of the nation uppermost”, may be true as far as the economy is concerned. But the enthusiasm and the years long planning of India to annihilate the LTTE especially its top leaders, ended in real doom for India when the Sri Lanka forces completed the genocide. The historical subjugation and oppression amounting to genocide is still going on regardless, by other means.

“One of the main purposes of the LLRC is to deflect international pressure and buy time for the Rajapaksas who are trying to create a new ground reality in the North and in parts of the East. A new ground reality consisting of military camps and cantonments amidst Tamil villages, which, the Rajapaksas hope, will render devolution un-viable and a Tamil resurgence impossible”, wrote Tisaranee Gunasekara , on 17 December 2011, with the title, “LLRC report is verbose fig leaf to cover Rajapaksa wrongdoing in conduct of war”

Further, on 7 April 2012, Tisaranee Gunasekara, wrote, “The Rajapaksas fought and won the Fourth Eelam War premised on this Sinhala supremacist vision. The peace resulting from that victory too is informed by Sinhala supremacist and maintained by force. It is a peace without politico-psychological reconciliation, a take-it-or-leave-it peace offered by the victor to the vanquished. In this peace there is no room for justice or equality; the vanquished cannot even mourn its dead or talk about its suffering – because anything but total acceptance of the status qua is seen as treachery.”. Tisaranee Gunasekara, one of the respected Sinhalese journalists who always treat Tamils as equals wrote the above with the quotation;“They must be convinced that we are the victors” – Hitler (Nuremberg documents – PS 739)

The Rajapaksas believe that they can uproot Tamil nationalism by changing the demographic soil which nurtured it, and by using terror. They do not believe in the existence of an ethnic problem and is allergic to devolution because of its democratising potential.

Delhi continues to downplay the Tamil tragedy to save the Rajapakses and their accomplices (including the Narayanan trio, and Pranab Mukergee) from facing the UNHRC proceedings.

In the first place, Delhi and the Rajpakses that share deep anti-Tamil prejudice, demonetized the Eelam insurgency as ‘terrorism’ to be defeated at any cost.

Delhi by these sinful acts encouraged the Rajapakses to continue Sri Lanka’s barbaric genocide with impunity to ethnic cleanse Tamils out of the Island, the soonest possible. This is proceeding fast and decisively. Delhi’s extra-ordinary friendship towards Sri Lanka is not driven by altruism or unselfish regard, even devotion to the welfare of others, but the threat of Sri Lanka unravelling the extent of the South Block’s ‘in the loop’ complicity in Sri Lanka’s crime of Genocide of Tamils.

Delhi’s conduct of Indo-Sri Lanka’s relations since May 2009 gives grounds to suspect that Delhi dreaded Rajapakses’ ‘in the loop’ weapon most to take extra-ordinary pains to please the Rajapakses even avoiding the use of terms like Eelam, the massacres and Sri Lanka genocide, the Rajapakses dislike. Hence Colombo is now dealing with Delhi from a position of strength and confidance.

Delhi are seriously involved in delaying the implementation of the UNHRC resolution to allow Rajapakses time to complete the elimination of the Tamils in Sri Lanka ending the Eelam problems for good.

LLRC is after all a win-win for both US and Sri Lanka. The US will emerge as the “good guy” and Sri Lanka will walk away with more time, both patting each other on the shoulder.