Destiny is Not a Matter of Chance; it is a Matter of Choice!


The American novelist Tom Robbins’s saying: “There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, but nothing worth killing for”, should have been the Alma mater of Sonia’s stooges and lackeys like Pranab Mukergee and the South Block Indian diplomats, in general.

It is natural and understandable that the Tamils living in India supporting the Eelam Tamils, the ‘umbilical cord’ brethren across the Palk Strait. In fact, the Eelam Tamils supported India so blindly right from the beginning particularly during Indo-China war in 1962 and other wars in which India participated when their government’s stance was the other way. In fact it has become an additional reason that has widen the conflict between the Sinhalese and the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Still the Government of India has extended the ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, for two more years. LTTE are Eelam Tamils who have the justification and history on their side. According to the Home Ministry of India, “LTTE continues to adopt a strong anti-India posture as also continues to pose a grave threat to the security of Indian nationals, it is necessary to declare LTTE as an ‘unlawful association’ with immediate effect.

” It also chides the Tamil diaspora for spreading, through articles in the internet portals, anti-India feeling among the Sri Lankan Tamils by holding the top Indian political leaders and bureaucrats responsible for the defeat of the LTTE.

The governments of India and Sri Lanka appear extremely concerned about the influence of  Tamil Diaspora which has been spearheading an international movement to prosecute the Sri Lankan authorities. Colombo and Delhi dread independent investigation by international courts; fearing dreadful and embarrassing cans of worms to appearIt is nothing but sacred and true that the well informed Tamil Diaspora and heirfriends, in today’s social mediaand digital world are doing their dutyto bring light to the Genocide of elamTamils. The activists and academics are reflecting diverse viewpoints thereby telling the world the whole truth.

Further, it was reported in the Indian press that the State Government on Saturday 29th of September 2012, submitted before the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal an affidavit, justifying the notification issued by the Union Home Ministry banning the LTTE in the country.

Answering questions put forward by Justice V K Jain, G. Sampath Kumar,the Superintendent of Police of ‘Q’ Branch, pointed to various outfits withconnections to the Tamil Tigers, including the People’s Front of the Liberation Tigers (PFLT), which continue their activities with an objective of creating a “Greater Tamil Nadu” consisting of territories belonging to the Indian Union.This is nothing, but a comedy of errors if not ‘a comic opera’. One caneasily notice that the LTTE continues to surface frequently in the Rajapakse debate too, to justify Sri Lanka continuing anti-Tamil oppression and the Sri Lanka army intelligence will also flash the Tiger flag at gatherings, may be, to remind others of their pathetic plight and desperation. Further one has to remember that the Sixth Amendment in August 1983 outlawed support for a separate state within Sri Lanka, and required all Members of Parliament to take an oath of allegiance “to the unitary state of Sri Lanka”.

In reality the outcome of the Mullivaaikhal massacre of Eelam Tamils by the Sri Lanka forces resultedin the demise of only the military strength of the LTTE. The way they fought the unfair war with both their feet planted on the Tamils homeland, has brought much more support and fans.

The world has changed radically since May 2009 when the horrendous nature of the Rajapakse brutality entered the public domain. That is driven by a sense of humanity as well as fairness.

The Sri Lanka genocide has entered a more vicious and menacing phase affecting every aspect of life for the Tamils. The once great country, India has lost its face The world knows a little more than what India wants the world to believe about its role in the brutal military resolution of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.Hundred thousands of Tamils, young and old, men and women, children andbabies as well, have died and suffered so that we may stand up at any and every platform and declare, “Yes, we, the Tamils of Eelam too, are a people and make the world understand the inevitable necessity of a sovereign State of Tamil Eelam. This is exactly what the PFLT is doing, liberating the homeland of Eelam Tamils, only the North and East of Sri Lanka!

The political party of the Liberation Tigers, the People’s Frontof Liberation Tigers (PFLT) was approved and added to the Great Britain Register of political parties on 10th February 2010.( Ref. GazetteNotification; The Electoral Commission- Register of political parties). The policy of PFLT party is clearly stated without any ambiguity. Visit

Delhi’s desperate attempt to appease Sri Lanka has to be correctly gauged. Prime Minister Manmohan’s stooping explanatory letter to the Rajapakses for Delhi’s UNHRC vote for the resolution tells the pathetic plight of the Sonia Congress government. This belittles the moral standing of India as a regional powerand made a mockery of its vote in the UNHRC.

India had reportedly also pledged its support to Sri Lanka at the upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on human rights to take place in Geneva on the first of November 2012. Let’s wait and watch!