Fires blaze out across west coast of US


Fire season of 2020 has now become worst across California, Oregon and Washington. Wildfires rage across west coast of US through destroying town and depriving air quality. Wildfires are raging across parts of the US West Coast, from Washington state to Southern California. Thousands of people on the West Coast are under evacuation orders, and more red flag warnings were issued. Over three million acres have burned in California. The August Complex fire in California is now the state’s largest wildfire on record. Mandatory level three evacuation orders have expanded in many places along the coast. Around 500,000 people ordered to evacuate in Oregon. At least ten deaths have been reported. 244,203 acres have been burned and even the Anthropologists are joining the search for human remains. The 2020 fire season is off to a staggering start, far outpacing last year. Across Oregon this week, fires burned more than 300,000 acres, destroying hundreds of homes and resulting in mass evacuation orders. The seriousness of wildfires has been depicting to people as and when possible.