For the sister I denied


We knew her name.

We knew her face.

And we knew she slew the Devil.

Yet, we denied she was ours.

For us,

She was never our kind.

She knew we would deny her.

She knew we would denounce her.

She knew we would never remember her.

Yet, she chose

Her destiny.

She knew

That one day

The truth will

Burst through the

Banks of lies and deceits.

The Tamils denied her yesterday.

They deny her today.

And they will deny her tomorrow.

But in Khalistan,

The Sikhs

Will one day

Build a temple

In her memory

Because she

Uprooted the

Tree that


The lives of Tamils and Sikhs

After the mother tree

Was uprooted

When the storm

Of freedom

Blew through

The hearts of

Two sons of Khalistan.

And then may Tamil

Heads lie low in shame.

And the curses of

Tamil and Sikh

Widows ignite

The fire

That remains


In their hearts.

– – By Dr A.R.Sriskanda Rajah