Global CO2 emissions declined


The energy Review 2020 by the International Energy Agency released in April shows the estimates in which there is a decline in global CO2 emission. According to the reports, it is found to decline by 8 percent or almost 2.6 gigatonnes. This decrease in the overall emissions of gases is due to massive fall in energy demand and economic shock this year. It is a consequence of lockdown impacted by corona virus outbreak. The dip in C02 emissions hasn’t made any difference to the global C02 concentrations. According to experts, the COVID-19 lockdown should be a lesson to the world on how to reduce emissions in the future but also make sure that the economy does not get affected.
“But the decrease in emissions this year will not do much to impact climate change, as it is extremely small compared to the emissions accumulated so far, and compared to the emissions cut needed to tackle climate change,” the study said.
The report mentioned that the exact decline in C02 emissions this year will depend on the trajectory of the pandemic and government responses to address it.