“Hindi theriyathu poda! ” : Twitter trend explained


A popular music composer, Yuvan Shankar Raja and an young actor, ‘Metro’ Shirish’s, photo wearing a T-shirt becomes the latest trend. It’s all because of the imprinted verse over the t-shirt. It indicates, ‘I am a Tamil pesum Indian’ and ‘Hindi theriyadhu poda! ‘ These phrases are on fire in Tamil Twitter.

This tweet was posted by actor Shirish with a simple caption, ” deep in discussion good things coming our way” , on Saturday. It has now become the top trend. The popularity is because of the phrase on it which means, ‘ I’m a Tamil speaking Indian’ and ‘ I don’t know hindi, Go man’ .

These phrases have now become the famous hashtags #HindiTheriyathuPoda #ImATamilPesumIndian #StopHindiImposition
These hashtags are greatly welcomed by mostly Tamil people who dislikes the concept of insisting hindi in India.
The people who insists the importance of hindi in India after their mother languages show opposition to these hashtags. Though, it has become the favourite one among the Tamil people.
The popularity of these hashtags has also laid an agitation among Tamil people against Hindi imposition.

This concept of hindi imposition has got its fire soon after the introduction of new education policy (NEP), in which a student has to learn three languages.
Students have their own mother tongue as their language and then comes the link language, English for communication. Then at third place students have to select a language other than these two. There comes the tactical issue. Other than these two, the languages common in India are French, German, etc. But, there’s a very little access to these languages by the people. So what’s common in the third place among Indians is Hindi, which means many student have to learn hindi without any hesitation.
This goes viral across the Tamil and Kerala people indicating the hindi imposition. But, there are also comments saying that they don’t insist hindi, it’s all about people’s choice. But the choice of people in this context is very obscure!