India-China skirmish: A timeline


Since May 2020, India and China armed forces are engaged in Clashes over the border issues in Ladakh. The discordance between the countries had led to increase in the homicides. Earlier yesterday, Chinese Government has claimed that India is totally responsible for the border confrontation and China would not lose an inch of it’s territory. It blamed India for escalating tension at LAC(Line of Control) . Although the Officials had proclaimed that these complications would not affect the trade between the two nations, in the following weeks there was some cancellation and additional security was inflicted on the contracts with Chinese enterprises.

A Timeline of this India- China conflict along the border:

5 May- A stand-off between India and China

6 June- China and India agreed to maintain peace along the border according to the decision taken in Wuhan Summit in 2018

9 June- Indian officials ensured that Indian and Chinese troops had taken up a limited disengagement in Ladakh

10 June- Officials of the two countries ensured that their soldiers started implementing ‘consensus’ to reduce tension along the border

15 June- The Indian army reported the death of one officer and 2 soldiers in the Sino- Indian border in Galwan Valley
Following this, a meeting was held at Major General- level of both the armies. It helped to keep the situation under control

16 June- Tension was escalating after the death of 20 Indian soldiers. China did not disclose any casualties in the Galwan clash

17 June- According to media news, the meeting at Major General-level ended up without any proper decisions

18 June- Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi agreed to handle the situation in a responsible manner according to understanding taken on 6 June

19 June- Indian and China scheduled for a fresh round of Major general- level meeting

20 June- Wion reported that Russia is ready to provide MIG29 and Sukhoi Su – 30MK1 fighter jets to the Indian air force as soon as possible

21 June- As per reports, the Indian army has changed its rules of engagement on the LAC by enabling it’s field commanders to order troops to use firearms under “extraordinary” conditions

23 June- India and China agreed to withdraw their military equipments from the LAC

26 June- The strategic ‘Y Nalla’ near the Shyok- Galwan axis has become the new frontier for Indian and Chinese troops

29 June- The Indian Air Force will receive battle ready six Rafale Fighter jets as the tensions between India and China are escalating, according to reports

3 July- Amid a border dispute with China, India has deployed it’s special forces units in Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control (LAC)

7 July- China has withdrawn it’s troops by 2 km in the Galwan area of Ladakh

9 July- The Indian army banned 89 apps for its personnel due to security concerns

3 September- A brigadier level meeting is being conducted between the Indian and Chinese Army at Chushul in eastern part of Ladakh, reported ANI citing Indian Army sources.

The world attention is being turned towards this India-China border conflicts.