India dropped the bombshell…..No!


“We are intimately familiar with the Sinhala State and its deceptive politics. That is why we explained to India on many occasions, at many levels about the implacability of Sinhala chauvinism. We explained to India then that the aim of the Sinhala State was not to find a solution to the Tamil question and bring peace; but to occupy the Tamil homeland, destroy its resources, and enslave the Tamil nation. India refused to accept this reality. As a result our land witnessed great sorrow and destruction. (Now it is genocide!)”.

This historical and genuine statement was made by none other than our Leader Prabhakaran on 27th November 2007, the Martyr’s day.( “Day of the Great Heroes”, mavirar nahal in Tamil)

The day November 27th has the holiness and significance of Tamils. They remember and honour their dearly beloved heroes whose supreme sacrifice for the liberation of our motherland continues to fill all their hearts. Heroes Day speeches clearly tell the world the policies and actions of the LTTE and can be taken as indicators of Prabhakaran’s philosophy and ideology.

The genocidal war carried out mainly by the government of Sri Lanka with the major participation of Sonia Congress Indian government, the silent master planner , the UK government and the more open perpetrator of Genocide, the USA. The act of genocide with so many rough corners and full of inhuman acts had the difficulty of seeing the light. Thanks to the modern digital transmission technology, the world wide web and other relevant innovations, not to mention the Wiki leaks, the culprits are being gradually getting exposed. The difficult part of exposing and analysing the worst genocide, possibly after the holocaust is due to the fact that the perpetrators had different agendas.

With the Human Rights Council voting on March 22, to criticize the Sri Lankan government for “not adequately addressing serious allegations of violations of international law” when conducting its final phases of war against the liberation guerilla army LTTE (Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam), which ended, May 18, 2009, with government-caused massive blood baths, the writer felt that it was nothing but correct to look back and judge events in the light of genuine facts. Let us see some of the useful but very important messages in Prabhakaran’s speeches in 2007 and 2008. Let us start naturally with reference to the great country our India.

“It was because we were firmly committed to our conviction and freedom for our people, that friction erupted between our movement and India. However, at no stage did we ever consider India as an enemy force. Our people always consider India as our friend. They have great expectations that the Indian super power will take a positive stand on our national question.”

“Not withstanding the dividing sea, Tamil Nadu, with its perfect understanding of our plight, has taken heart to rise on behalf of our people at this hour of need. This timely intervention has gratified the people of Tamil Eelam and our freedom movement and given us a sense of relief. I wish to express my love and gratitude at this juncture to the people and leaders of Tamil Nadu and the leaders of India for the voice of support and love they have extended. I would cordially request them to raise their voice firmly in favour of our struggle for a Tamil Eelam state”

Now India was pushed to the present stand by the inaction of Sri Lanka government on promises made to India. Naturally with TNA under strict scrutiny, the 13th amendment is going to be the issue. Let us see what is mentioned about the Indian moves.

“India intervened in our national question then as part of its regional expansion. India signed an accord with the Sinhala State without the consent of the Tamils. The Indo-Lanka Accord was not signed to meet the aspirations of the people of Tamil Eelam. In fact, India then attempted to force an ineffectual solution on our people – a solution which did not even devolve powers to the extent of the Banda-Chelva pact signed in the 1950’s. India tried to enforce that accord with the strength of more than 100,000 Indian forces, with the power of the agreement between two countries and with the assistance of treacherous Tamil paramilitary groups. However, even this ill-considered solution, which did not even address the basic national aspirations of the Tamils, was blocked by the chauvinistic Sinhala State.”

“ In truth, this is not a war against the LTTE as the Sinhala state professes. This is a war against the Tamils; against the Tamil nation. In short, a genocidal war.”
In his 2007 speech he snubs the international community using diplomatic language. “ Even the countries that are the guardians of the peace efforts succumbed to the deception of the Sinhala State and listed our freedom movement as a terrorist organization. What we find most incomprehensible is the fact that these same nations, which labelled us terrorists, not so long ago fought in defence of their own freedom”.

Prabhakaran has the great appreciation for the enthusiastic support of the Tamil Diaspora and let us see what he says about the Diaspora in his 2007 speech.

“The Sinhala nation is unable to stomach the support of our Diaspora for the Tamil freedom struggle; it is unable to accept the humanitarian help and the political lobbying by the Diaspora to end the misery heaped on our people. That is why the Sinhala nation is trying hard to shatter the bond between our people in our homeland and our Diaspora.”.

The sacred truth is; the Nazis were able to portray their discriminatory and genocidal actions as necessary to maintain the health and welfare of German society. Since the independence of Ceylon in 1948, the majority Sinhalese Budhists spearheaded by the monks were able to portray their discriminatory and genocidal actions as necessary to maintain the majoritarian superiority!