Letter to Frontliners…


Congratulations Mr Ponnambalam and to all his Tamil National People’s Front party contestants.

The majority of the world Eelam Tamils are having great hope on your party so please use all the opportunities to fulfill Eelam Tamils political aspirations.

Now your party has 2 mp’s so now your party members can meet all the countries high Commissioners in Ceylon and tell them their people need justice through an Independent international genocidal investigations team and ask them to give their support for organising this independent international genocidal investigation team through the United Nations or through the security council or filing the case at the international court so show your party members amazing talent in handling all these countries.

Now your party members are elected by the people so now these genocidal countries cannot reject or they can’t say no to your request for the Independent international genocidal investigations.

Now you all can openly show to the press that your party members Mr Ponnambalam, Mr Sugash, Mr Manivannan and Mr Kandeepan going to meet all the countries high Commissioners in Ceylon and then with these countries appointment going to meet the whole countries leaders and their opposition leaders so top 5 members of your party must lead these visits to every countries so don’t miss any single country even if the country is smaller than Tamileelam.

First you all can get appointment to meet the genocidal countries especially first meet to see the genocidal indian high Commissioner and then their indian leaders then meet the China embassy high Commissioner and then their china leader then Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, East Timor, Miyanmar and then all the rest of the asian countries then visit the whole european countries embassy high Commissioners and then visit all the European countries and then Pacific countries especially Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Also there are many small islands in pacific so visit each single country for their support in the United Nations.

Then visit America and Canada then South American countries so don’t miss any single country.Finally your party members has to visit the African countries. We believe your party top 5 members having amazing leadership talent

We can see there are many of your party believers are asking to expand your Tamil National People’s Front in different name in a foreign country. Yes that will help your party to work in different form in overseas which organisation can act more powerful than the TGTE Transnational Government Of Tamileelam organisation so use your overseas genuine Tamil National members to register this organisation who can ask the highly qualified skilled professional Eelam members to join with their organisation. Even this foreign base can buy and run massive business es to make money and invest in Tamileelam to give more job opportunities to Eelam youths.

Best Wishes & Congratulations

– Sam Thirunavukarasu