Killing the Tamils Idea of Homeland… No Way!


The Economist, the authoritative weekly news magazine focussing on international politics and business, in its issue of December 5th-11th 1998, carried on page 86 an article titled “Sri Lanka : Civil war without end”. It had a sub heading too, “Tamil Tiger rebels and government troops, fight on. And on.”

On page 89 of this highly reputed magazine, the writer says, “Mr.Praphakaran is only 44 and seemingly as vigorous as when he threw a bomb at the age of 18. Killing him now would not be likely to end the fighting: you can’t kill the Tamil’s idea of homeland.

The UPA government of India stupidly decided to get rid of the most loved, brilliant and popular rebel force, the LTTE and its supporters in Vanni, at any cost. The subsequent developments show that India and the UK and the USA were prepared not only to ignore or support genocide in war but also prepared for the ensuing structural genocide.

By 2007 a full-scale, the so called counter-insurgency was developing, initially in the eastern region and finally in the LTTE’s heartland, in the North East of the island. In May 2007 Sri Lanka military forces finally defeated the LTTE’s fighting force. Naturally the shift in government policy and the military success of the counter insurgency took most analysts by surprise. A few only expected such a rapid shift in strategy, and most expected that the LTTE would be able to resist renewed military action.

But this didn’t happen. Internationalconcern on human rights violations, threat to the media, the state of lawlessness including killings and abductions, and other issues have been mere formalities and have been never been translated into action. The general attitude seems to be to hope for an early end to the conflict by the elimination of the LTTE as a fighting force, so that the imperialist countries can get on with furthering their interests in this island of strategic interest. Irrespective of how the war ends and the conflict continues in other forms, the ‘international community’ has little to offer to the victims. But it is high-time these forces realized that an independent nation for Tamils is the urgent need of the day and also the only and true justice for the victims.

People’s China not an enemy of Tamils

But the truth is that the above arguments were specially created by Indian apologists, for the consumption of Tamils and other Asian citizens. Let us see some of the whistleblower, Wiki leaks revealing, to get an idea of the Indian nasty games.

Quote 207268, 5/15/2009 13:42, 09NEWDELHI996, Embassy New Delhi, CONFIDENTIAL,

“Turning to next steps after the conflict had ended; Menon said the Sri Lankan government had reassured India that the government would focus on implementation of the 13th Amendment Plus as soon as possible. Menon was sceptical. Noting that he would present the proposal to the next Foreign Minister after formation of the new Indian government, he suggested it would be useful for India to convoke an international conference — noting that India, the Co-Chairs and China should attend — to look at the post-conflict landscape.”


Menon expressly included China in the grouping, arguing that best results from Sri Lanka could be expected when the West, India and China all worked together. Otherwise, Sri Lanka would find ways to play its international interlocutors off against each other. Tamils should remember that the above message was sent on 15th May, 2009, just 3 days before the end of the war, the genocide of Vanni Tamils, a team work of Sri Lanka, India aided by the UK and the USA.

The stupid RAW and the war criminals Shiv Shanker Menon and M.K.Narayanan were dancing with Gothbaya brothers on the morning of 19th May 2009, stupidly thinking that they had completed the job of finishing the Tigers and closed the chapter with an military canvas hospital, 25 000 aluminium sheets, and some food for the displaced people who survived the genocide.

LTTE, in 1989, a useful review

While going through my collection of books and magazines I accidently came across the article, “LTTE Appeals for UN Mediation” in the magazine, “Tamil International” of 15th February 1989. I am happily reproducing it mainly for the benefit for the “Thamil Young Generation”. I am really excited to visualize the outcome!

Quote: “In an appeal made in the headquarters of Eelam, the LTTE has requested the UN Commission on Human Rights, presently in session, to persuade the Government of India to withdraw its troops and the UN to help in finding a negotiated political settlement for the ethnic conflict.

It has submitted that a grave and a dangerous situation has developed in the North- Eastern region of Sri Lanka as a consequence of continuous occupation, repression and terrorisation by the Indian armed forces and under the cover of ‘peace keeping’ operations the forces continue to engage themselves in a ruthless and brutal war against innocent civilian masses causing intolerable suffering to the Tamil people.

In total violation of all norms and principles of human rights the Indian army of occupation has been carrying out a vicious campaign of persecution and terror in the form of mass arrests, imprisonment, torture, rape and extrajudicial executions. In recent months alone, hundreds of innocent people have been senselessly murdered and thousands have been rounded up and held in custody in various army camps. Some of these army camps have been turned into torture chambers and innocent people are being subjected to the worst forms of inhuman cruelties.

The Indian military atrocities in the Tamil homeland are further aggravated by the terrorism of the Indian backed Tamil armed groups (EPRLF, ENDLF and TELO) who have in recent months unleashed a campaign of violence, murder, and terror in Tamil areas with the active connivance of the Indian military authorities. These military groups have exterminated more than two- hundred prominent Tamil citizens; Tamil political leaders, citizen committee members, priests, social workers, university lecturers and trade union leaders have been killed in cold blood for having been critical of the Indo-Sri Lanka agreement and being sympathetic to the policies of our movement.

The government of India, in collusion with the Sri Lankan regime, has clamped down on all sources of information in a deliberate attempt to hide from the international community various crimes and atrocities committed by the Indian army and its quisling armed groups. Both the governments have imposed rigorous censorship on the local media and have refused permission to fact finding missions from international human rights organisations. Having effectively suppressing the freedom of press and other democratic institutions in Sri Lanka, both governments have been utilising the state owned media and diplomatic services to carry out a massive disinformation campaign to distort the reality of the actual situation and to mislead the world community.

Our plea for peace and negotiated settlement has been systematically rejected by the belligerent and intransigent attitude of the Delhi government. The Tamil people are now convinced that the Indian administration aggressive hegemonic designs in the region with the purpose of consolidating its strategic and geopolitical ambitions rather than to secure the interests of the Tamils.”

“Black Tigers Day”

July 5th is commemorated annually as “Black Tigers Day”. On that day, Vasanthan, a son of a banker, drove a small truck laden with explosives into a Sri Lanka Army camp in Nelliady Madhya Maha Vidyalayam, Karaveddy in Jaffna peninsula, killing himself and 40 Sri Lankan soldiers. Vasanthan volunteered to sacrifice his life in order for LTTE to win.

Now it is appropriate to see what one of the distinguished journalists in Colombo, Tisaranee Gunasekara says about the Black Tigers, when she wrote about the devastating commando- style assault on the SLAF base at Anuradhapura in late October 2007. She wrote, “Unlike the Islamic suicide bombers they engage in their bloody quest, not in expectation of any heavenly rewards in after-life, but for a self-made God who, in reality, is an unprepossessing looking rewards in after-life, but for a self-made God who, in reality, is an unprepossessing looking man. Their fanaticism therefore is of a different order than the fanaticism of a religious fighter. The Japanese Kamikaze pilots were motivated by veneration for their Emperor, who was seen as God incarnate, a linear descendent of the Sun Goddess. The Black Tiger phenomenon is thus incomparable. While the Black Tigers are fanatics to the point of animalistic, they are also committed, courageous and efficient, beyond the bounds of humanity. This totality needs to be comprehended rather than parts of it.” The truth is that unlike the bogus propaganda of the Sri Lanka government, the so called Black Tigers, the darlings of Tamils never attacked civilians but military formations, like gun boats, army units in compact and of course rarely Tamils who are incorrigible traitors.

A U.S. author says Western states influenced by Israel have lost all sense of morality and are behaving in a criminal way that is dangerous to world peace. The Tamils have the sacred duty to tell the world specifying that the world has lost all sense of morality being influenced by Sonia Congress of India and that is dangerous to world peace.