New aspects in Defence sector of India: CDS General Bipin Rawat’s interview


Chief of defence staff(CDS), General Bipin Rawat opens out in an interview on Thursday (4 September, 2020). Bipin slammed powers that tried to use expansionism. India and china shares 3488 km of the borders of riots. India is taking all the measures to freeze the midnight intrusions of China. General Bipin mentioned the effectiveness of Indian army in an interaction held at US-INDIA STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP FORUM. “India faces the threat of coordinated action along Northern and Western fronts which we have to be considered in our defence planning. We have made our strategy as primary and secondary and conceptualised our strategy for both our borders” , he added. According to the news agency, he informed that the Indian army have the potential of handling even the aggressive Chinese actions in an intellectual manner.
The most crucial part of information is that few Indian army men who came across locals have been impacted by the corona virus. But, the positive thing is that the Frontline troops are not impacted by Covid 19.
The fire still prevails across the border. Both China and India face an important attention from the other countries. It’s in the forthcoming impacts which reveals the concealed issues.