PUBG is BANNED, FAU-G is to be LAUNCHED: Backdrop?


A first ban of Chinese apps including the famous Tiktok ban was made in June.

The ban was implemented after a severe fireline across the border between Indian and Chinese troops. It claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers. Very soon after this, the ban was made which lead some impacts in Chinese economy.

The ban of PUBG and other related Chinese apps took place now. The reports state that it came soon after the skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops around the southern banks of Panting Tso lake.
Is this ban really a digital revenge of India against China?
Or is it because of nationalism?
Or is it because of supporting homegrown app developers?
These are the big quests of people around the world who are watching people in India and China facing different kinds of losses.

While it is seen dreadful by the Indian players, it’s even more worser for the Chinese app companies to face these huge loss. According to a report by Bloomberg, this is a second massive drop in Chinese technology conglomerates valuation. The first drop came when it’s texting app WeChat was banned by POTUS Donald Trump upon allegations of stealing user data and sharing it with Chinese authorities.
One-fourth of the PUBG mobile app users were Indians. After this ban, the loss faced by the Chinese company behind it- Tencent is more than $34 billion just in two days after the ban.
This action of India stood as a defence against China’s intrusion in the borders.

A recent news from nCore games, a Bangalore based company says that it will launch FAU- G. It is a multiplayer action game that has been developed under the mentorship of famous Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar. It will be launched at the end of October in line with Prime minister Narendra Modi’s call for supporting Make in India apps. FAU- G stands for ‘ Fearless and united: Guards’ . It is trending on Twitter with thousands of tweets.

After this launch, many PUBG players who were in vain have got some strength to shout out for the make in India mobile app developers. The welcome for this app reveals that the ban made was to support the backdrop of this app.
It is astonishing to knew that people change their ideology on the ban of PUBG soon after the launch of FAU- G.
The very thought provoking quests on this reports are hanging around our heads.
PUBG is banned. FAU-G is to be launched.
If the PUBG ban is based on the health hazards of children over these games, Will FAU-G resolve this children’s addiction over this?

The curiosity of the PUBG players in India is on peaks to know about these.