Tamils for Black Lives


We have made edits to our previous post in response to suggestions from the community. We encourage you to continue to share our posts on Facebook as it may be more accessible to family members, relatives and older folks.

Lets start the conversation!


As a community that is no stranger to oppression our silence can not be justified while we benefit from the systems of power that disadvantage Black folks. Our silence is violent. We can no longer exhaust the labour of Black folks to educate us on their history and the violence they face. It is our responsibility to stay informed, and to learn with our families and friends, by seeking resources and knowledge on our own as non-Black people of colour. Many of our parents and older folks in the community require unlearning years of learned anti-black racism. Race and racism are taught young, so we need to teach our children anti-Black racism young too. With this post we hope to begin small conversations at home with parents and children. In order to actively show solidarity, and allyship to Black folks as the Tamil community, we need to constantly stay informed, and continue amplifying marginalized Black voices.

நன்றி – Puthu illakiyam