Sri Lanka Lies and the World Pretends to Listen!


“When one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it,” wrote Joseph Goebbels, Germany’s Reich minister of propaganda, in 1941. This is exactly what the government of Sri Lanka is doing; was doing; and will be doing.

The much awaited UNHRC September 2011 sessions began recently with the Eelam Tamils expectantly looking forward to some tangible progress in addressing the excesses of the genocide trauma that the Rajapakses inflicted on them. Unlike in the Colombo/Delhi pressured May 2009 sessions, the UNHRC membership this time around has overwhelming evidence of the Rajapakse genocide crimes, thanks to Wiki-leaks (more and more incriminating leaks are surfacing), the UN ‘expert panel’ report , the epic Channel 4 ‘Killing Fields’ and the Headlines Today documentaries and a re-nourished and balanced world-wide media coverage.

The Rajapaksa regime think they are too intelligent to use the geopolitical equations in South Asia, and could manipulate to win the support of China, Pakistan or other countries including Russia, so that India could be pressurised. President Rajapaksa’s second visit to China within a year, is a near ideal gauge of the desperation the alleged criminals are faced with!

India also feels down the guilty line , because India gave all the support for the war against Tamils to Rajapaksa government and was a collaborator and partner in the genocidal war. Guiltiness haunts India. So India succumbs to a blackmail or pressure exerted by Rajapaksa government. Delhi has reasons to fear most that its reputation will be tattered should the SL genocide crimes go before the international tribunals.

Further, India’s support to the UNHCR motion in May 2009 against the war crimes and gross HR violation investigations makes it an altogether ugly situation for international laws of war and human rights under the UN Charter. A darling intellectual, a well known personality, a Sri Lankan diplomat who campaigned amongst these so-called anti-west countries that the war on the Tamil people was an ‘anti-imperialist struggle’ – his counterparts in the west did a campaign that the war on the Tamil people, was a ‘war on terror’.

The solid evidence of war-crimes and barbaric acts of unprecedented brutality as was made clear in the Channel-4’s will make it difficult to nations including Russia and China to sustain their support for Sri Lanka. After all these are great countries with right vision and brilliant future.

The broadcast of the documentary ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ by Channel 4, now being shown all over the caring world , is seen as a harrowing but vital insight into the truth of the final stages of the genocidal war in Sri Lanka during 2009. It is an outstanding example of investigative journalism that has uncompromisingly presented the horrors that occurred. The documentary’s irrefutable evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity serves as a reminder to all journalists of the responsibility they carry to highlight such atrocities wherever they occur. Cheers to Channel 4!

The arguments put forward by the Sri Lanka government are obviously counterproductive. The hindrance is the covert support given by the partners in genocide, India, the UK and USA.
During the UNHRC session, the US Ambassador Patricia A. Butenis was seen in Vanni counting drumsticks and feeling ladies fingers while US Assistant Secretary of State, Robert O Blake’s visit to Jaffna and his attempt to meet with civil society representatives, including student representatives of the University of Jaffna and recommendingg the recruitment of Tamils as policeman, and then President Rajapakse mentioning it in his UN speech, Deputy High Commissioner of United Kingdom Robbie Bulloch visiting Mannar, all looked like comic opera. The timing of these exercise and the coordinated efforts are all to hood wink the world. But how long?

India, UK & USA, already ‘with skeleton in cupboard’ are now busy trying the second or the follow up genocide, genocide of Tamils by other means. USA India relationship is unambiguous and undisguised while the UK India relation is detrimental and perilous. The Diaspora Tamils are to be ever alert and smart.

Rajiv Gandhi’s Indian cargo planes invaded our air space for the infamous “parippu” drop,while the Sonia’s Congress government’s military helicopters painted in Sri Lankan shades dropped borrowed Thermionic bombs and cluster bombs.

Today the Sri Lanka government continues to ridiculously deny the occurrence and like Israel, they don’t even lie well. It is sad that there are no longer nations that can be counted on to ensure that decency wins the day. If someone wonders how can the Sinhalese Government of Sri Lanka do these atrocities to their minority Tamils; the answer is, “ How dare the Tamils could ask for a separate nation? They had to be taught a lesson that they and their children will dare not”.

Sonia’s Congress, Bush and Blair, and their underlings have specifically created the environment that led to the needless merciless deaths of so many Tamil civilians helping the Sri Lanka government to accelerate the on going genocide against Tamils. They knew very well that it was a war against Tamils and not against LTTE. Today and that day, the cardinal truth is that the LTTE are Tamils and the Tamils are LTTE.

The Tamil Diaspora are free to engage themselves in peaceful democratic activities in their countries of domicile and expose the war-crimes planned and executed by the Sri Lanka government and its partners in genocide against innocent helpless Tamils. Once the accountability is achieved, and the culpable individuals are brought to justice, then energies can be focussed on seeking long-term political justice based on the fundamental right to self-determination.

The guilty big powers, the USA, the UK and others must not be encouraged to attempt to use war crimes investigation as a leverage in their attempt to achieve an amicable political solution to avert renewed conflic. Let us rally around our National Flag and logos dipicting our dear Liberation Tiger. Let us jointly follow this great advise. “Establish the facts, and let the facts bear out the truth.” is Bertrand Russell’s advise for the future generations.

If a banana republic like Sri Lanka that carried out a genocide against its minority who were agitating for their basic human rights for more than sixty odd years, in South Asia, is allowed to walk free, what will act as a deterrent for much stronger countries that hold similar intentions towards similar struggles? The Wheels of Justice turns slowly but exceedingly fine.