Really … I ‘m talking’ seriously!


Reproduced below are five vital points or arguments taken arbitrarily from the timely and analytical report viz. ‘India and Sri Lanka after the LTTE – International Crisis Group’ – Asia Report N°206 of 23 June 2011. An exercise of scrutinizing these arguments is going to be of interest and will possibly bring about enlightenment to one and all.

1.“While officials in New Delhi admit they are frustrated, India remains hesitant to press President Rajapaksa’s regime very hard. This is due in part to its history of counter-productive interventions in Sri Lanka.”

2. “India’s approach has so far paid only limited dividends. Deepening militarisation and Sinhalisation in the northern province have increased the insecurity and political marginalisation of Tamils and are undermining prospects for inter-ethnic reconciliation.”

3. “Many Sinhalese see India as favouring Tamils and as wanting to weaken or divide the country, despite its crucial role in destroying the Tamil Tigers.”

4. “After decades of actively supporting minority rights and devolution of power in Sri Lanka, India has its reputation on the line. With the much-hated LTTE defeated with Indian assistance, New Delhi should, in principle, have more leeway to push for reforms”.

5..“India’s reluctance to put serious pressure on the Sri Lankan government is also due to strategic considerations, in particular its desire to counter the growing influence of China, whose financial and political support the Rajapaksa government has been cultivating”

At the outset, the officials in New Delhi are mainly the Sonia Congress personalities and their cohorts. There are mainly Kerala Brahman diplomats and other high officers, who are already level headed, mean and full of all sorts of complex. India’s history of interventions being counterproductive, can only be attributed to the stupidity of the Indian intelligence. India’s source of intelligence as far as Tamils are cornered, are the wrong people, the Anti-LTTE groups.

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s foreign intelligence organization,and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), responsible for counter-intelligence relied mostly on the intelligence given by these ill- informed misled groups. RAW will never forget their experience or rather the treatment they got from the brilliant Tamil’s leader and his ‘boys’ in Vanni when they tried to play games with the life of the Tamil’s leader. In fact that could be the reason for Sonia Congress Government’s act of Genocide of Tamils and their pathetic plight, today.

After the slaughter of Vanni Tamils, the culprit India dispatched its favourites Varatharajah Perumal and Chandrahassan to Jaffna and wanted to achieve a lot. Now where are they?

On the 22nd October 2007, 22 Black Tigers carried out a very successful daring raid on Anuradhapura air port. The Tigers’ air wing destroyed more than 12 military air-crafts including the highly sophisticated intelligent aircraft which was capable of intercepting and analysing signals of voice, text and movements. This was planned by the Tamil’s leader to re-establish their superiority power and popularity. This shocked the Western word and poor India who were already planning to finish off the Tamils/ LTTE.

Brilliant China seized the opportunity and gave Sri Lanka – apparently free of charge- six F7 jet fighters, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute..

China being a great country never called LTTE as terrorists or wanted to kill Tamils like India. They simply wanted to prop up the helpless and insulted Sri Lanka government and to impress upon and to hold them permanently as their client. China did it only to out do India because India dragged the UK and USA in order to finish off the LTTE.

China has not jet received any favours from Sri Lanka and all favouritism and grace have been only towards Sri Lanka, one sided. Very soon the time will come when the great China gets its turn, the cunning Sri Lanka will be holding green flag permanently to China and every act will be detrimental to India.

There is a way out for India. The world is confused and unable to distinguish between Tamil nationalism and Tiger terrorism. If it were the other way around, then at least it would look more sensible; ‘Tamil terrorism and Tiger nationalism’. If the LTTE were terrorists as stupidly branded by the International community, they could have played havoc at cricket matches, sacred Vasak gatherings, and whereever people assemble in large numbers. Let someone do the exercise of LTTE’s attacks during the 30 years the LTTE were in control, the number would be smaller than the number of Tsumanies or car accidents. The vulnerable world the Sri Lanka governments organised bogus propaganda. Now at least the world is clear.

LTTE never attacked civilians. Of course LTTE made attacks on specific targets. LTTE soldiers were disciplined and fought for their rightful homeland and their future generation. Still the evil country India misled UK, USA government to carry out the genocide of Tamils.

Now the LTTE’s military strength has been unfairly defeated . At least now the world is clear that the Tamils are the LTTE and they are ready to march towards their separate nation Eelam. India has to talk to the LTTE accepting its crimes and wrong doings. The great and magnanimous LTTE with its leader who will soon or later hail will pardon India and walk towards Eelam and make the world a better place, complementing the positive changes taking place elsewhere.

India should tell the truth to the world that the LTTE are the real and the greatest freedom fighters of the 21st century. Their brilliance, success and popularity are the only reasons for the world to brand them as Terrorist.. India must tell loud and clear that the North and South of Sri Lanka is the historical and traditional homeland of Tamils and that the world must see that the Tamils get their nation, Eelam.