Tamil roots in Ancient Persia


During my last vacation, my flight had to fly over Iran. In ancient time, Tamils used to live vast part of the world. While I am flying over Iran, I took some snap shot of the GPS locations under the route. These photos were taken within less than 1 hour of my flight route. Even centuries later, you could see the name did not change much. There could kill us, convert us but they can’t completely destroy the history (now don’t run back and chance the names). Here are the names (original-to- Tamil Original -to- In Tamil and the meaning):

1. Kolachi- Kollatchi- கொள்ளாட்சி- “Under the rule”.

2. Nal- Naal- நாள்- “The Day”

3. Porali- Poorali- போராளி- “The fighter”

4. Kavir-e-Lut – Kaveri – காவிரி – Kaviri is a river and Lut means braiding. It could be possible that this region had a river called Kaveri and it used to be a net work of many rivers like braiding through the land.

5. Malayer- Malayer- மலையர்- “People who live in mountain or high ground”

6. Kapan- Kapan or Kaappan- காப்பான்- “”The protector”. Tamil Actor Surya released a movie last year (2019) in the same title Kaappan. I attached the add below. It is on Netflix and Amazone Prime.

7. Nakhchivan- Natchchivan- நச்சிவன்- “The good a saving personality of load Shiva or Sivan”.

8. Urimeyeh – Urimeyeh- உரிமையே- “Liberty or rights over a land or property or any other civil rights like freedom of speech etc”

Please add any useful corrections. Specially for number 4. Kavir-e-Lut. I am pretty sure out will have better translation like river to pond since Tamil has many vocabularies that may not recall.

Thank you

Kugan Selvan