Twin Towers and Genocide of Tamils.


It has been ten years since 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four US passenger planes and ploughed them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. An estimated 3,000 were killed and thousands injured in the co-ordinated attacks.

 One can get emotional and hot about the past and present, but it is always time to move on. Generally trouble begins when minds are opened enough to look how 11 September 2001 has defined our world today and will continue to shape our future.

 My ‘e-mail Message’ to BBC

 On Tuesday September 18, 2001 the Taliban, Afghanistan’s ruling militia, declared a holy war against the United States. About three weeks later, on the 10th of November 2001, there was a BBC program, the subject being “Daisy cluster bomb, a sign of desperation.” ( [email protected], [email protected])

Mr MacShan, the then Parliamentary Secretary to the ministers of the State and the Labour Member of Rotherham was one of the panel members. When I went on the line, I was asked to send my views in an e-mail, the reason was the substance, but lack of time was the excuse given to me. I still have the print-out of my mail.

Quote. “This is in response to Mr. Denis MacShame’s comment, “They caused maximum destruction to human beings”

“ Sir, I think you are wrong. Let us sit back and see what happened on the horrible day. America has gigantic and unchallengeable economic and military power. Because of these America has no ending arrogance and its foreign policies are of double standards and horrible. These affected the whole world , especially the third world poor countries. America lacks the magnanimity one expects from the greatest world power.

So someone thought that it was high-time that America was taught a lesson for her high-handedness and arrogance. The attack on September 11th was exactly that. The attack on the twin towers was on America’s economic power and that on the Pentagon on its military power. It was a horrible and a massive task of destruction that the perpetrators never thought of the civilians. The euphoria that, “ the attackers killed 5-7 thousand innocent American civilians”, was created in the USA and carried on and on but no one came out with a credible analytical view why that happened? I have listened to so many discussions and read many articles but no one came out with the true story.

 The death of so many civilians shocked the world and every citizen rich and poor said prayers and at least felt sorry for those unfortunate ones. Simply, the tragedy happened only because of the hatred towards America. Only a few talk about the attack on Pentagon, even though 25% of their effort went on that.

Now you know why Mr. McShame is not correct like many others  When America bombs, do they worry about civilians? Now you see; they told the world that they would use only the precision bombing with 94% accuracy and on precise targets , but they already started using Daisy cutter, a bomb of mass destruction. Their only concern is that no American should go home in body bags  but hundreds of of poor Afghans can get blown into pieces . I am not a Muslim!”

  When I watched the collapse of New York’s Twin Towers on television as it happened, it seemed like a distant tragedy. No Tamil in Eelam or elsewhere could have imagined that the events of September 11, 2001, thousands of miles away would drive our struggle for human right to end in a well planned- premeditated- genocide.

 Thanks to the modern media; words, images and voices have enlightened  the world. Further the appeal made by the Right Bodies and Right People, the Elderly and the Learned have created a genuine guilty consciousness in the minds of the world population, for knowingly or unknowingly supporting or tolerating the Sri Lanka Government criminal acts amounting to Genocide of Tamils.

The game of Sri lanka government using the threat of terrorism to explain or try to justify the abuses, has gone stale and disgusting

 The timely and sincere declaration or genuine appeal of Ron Ridenour, the popular journalist who always dares to stand firm claiming, “ Besides using words in an effort to eradicate racism, inequality and wars, I have been an activist against wars, racism, chauvinism and for socialist solidarity.”, will make welcome changes in many socialist genuine countries who value human Rights and expose the real face of imperialist forces. Hopefully the UNHRC members who voted in support of Sri Lanka, in May 2009 will think twice before again supporting Sri Lanka.

 Ron Ridenour said, “On this July 26 day of celebration, I call upon the Cuban government, as well as all members of the ALBA alliance, to return to the moral principles expressed by Fidel and Che and do the right thing by the Tamil people”

Will India support the implementation of this report of the Expert panel in world councils, and answer the cries of the victims consistent with the noble spirit of the founding fathers of modern India or will it again trust the deceitful Rajapakse government to spin a web of deception on a trusting world.

 The UN Panel of Experts recommended that an appropriate international mechanism be established for investigating war crimes in Sri Lanka. Timely Wiki leaks have told the world, “After all Ban Ki Moon is not that bad personality. He has to find time to watch CH4 film. Even our PM Cameron has to watch the other half of the film before making any decision.

 Britain needs to make an unequivocal statement supporting this recommendation and follow it up with real pressure for an international investigation, without encouraging Sri Lanka government to use their LLRC which is  flawed at  every level: in mandate, composition and practice, as a carpet.