What’s in India’s Interest in the Sri Lanka Issue?


Can the nation afford to allow its foreign policy to be subjected to regional pressures when there are larger strategic security and trade interests at stake? Nowadays this is the common question being often raised by Indian politicians, journalists and the like. The truth is that all know the answer but that stinks and is disgusting.

Now let us see what Late B.Raman has written almost 100 days before his demise.“.India had reasons to be gratified with the total elimination of the LTTE, which had become a Frankenstein’s Monster, by the Sri Lankan security forces. Indian intelligence and security agencies had played an active, but low profile role in helping in the counter-LTTE operations of the Sri Lankan security forces through means such as exchange of intelligence, monitoring the movement of LTTE’s commercial ships used for smuggling arms and ammunition, strengthening the anti-aircraft defence of the Sri Lankan forces, training etc.

While one has to concede that the uprooting of the LTTE was largely due to the excellent counter-insurgency operations of the Sri Lankan Security Forces, the un-admitted contribution of India was not insignificant B.Raman had been one of the few surviving officers who were a witness to the creation of R&AW. . In the early part of the year 2000, RAW knew well that the LTTE could not be defeated militarily and that they were popular and accepted by Tamils in Sri Lanka, India and the ones living in other countries, not mentioning the powerful Tamil Diaspora. They planned to destroy the LTTE with the soly aim of Taking revenge on Tamils Leader, Prabhakaran and his men.

The South Block that houses the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of External Affairs is full of individuals who had the inherent hatred for the Tamils.

The ‘no fire zone’ and the ‘mass detention prisons’ are inerasable blots on the dharmic heritage of a great country though these were caused by its adharmic bureaucrats.

India had always been of the view that the end of the genocidal war in Sri Lanka had presented an opportunity to achieve a lasting peace. All that India wanted was a fine balance between the emotive politics of Tamil Nadu and the huge vote bank in that state and a pro-Indian Northern Provincial Council. Also, that the Sri Lanka’s elections scheduled for 2013 were an opportunity for its people to exercise their electoral right in a free environment.

Fundamentally, in Sri Lanka, any internal inquiry into atrocities against Tamils will fail, not merely due to the lack of judicial independence, technical expertise and political will, but because the majority of Sri Lanka’s citizenry do not desire it. The deaths of over 40,000 civilians in the months of April, May 2009, are not isolated incidents, devoid of forethought or intention. They constitute a deliberate persecution and targeted destruction of the Tamil nation in the Vanni – a genocide, perpetrated by the armed forces, orchestrated by the governments of India and Sri Lanka. What happened there? The events according to their plans and the ones unexpected were ignored by the judiciary, whitewashed by the mainstream press, and above all else, mandated by the Sinhala Buddhist majority. Thus Sri Lanka cannot be left to investigate itself.

But India, I mean the South Block of Sonia Congress government of Delhi, very well know the above truth. But the Great India, in spite of its great people, glorious sacred past, has an inherent defect, a very serious drawback that would even destroy the great country.

Times Now’s News Hour Debate

At this juncture I invite you to watch a very popular and important TV programme. It was broadcast during the early part of March 2013, while everyone was wondering what would happen at the UNHRC session. Essentially they discuss whether India balances its domestic compulsions and larger geopolitical strategic interests in Sri Lanka.


The panellists are highly distinguished personalities and they are;
1. Dr. Echelon Naganathan – Founder Youth.org-Maxmedicalfoundation, IIT Madras,
2. K.C.Singh – Former Deputy Secretary to the president of India and finally Additional Secretary (International Organisations) as well as the Co-ordinator for Counter-terrorism.
3. G Parthasarathy (born 13 May 1940) is a Indian diplomat and author. He remained Ambassador of India to Myanmar, High Commissioner of India to Pakistan. Later he was the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office. It is believed that he became the advisor of the then PM Rajiv Gandhi.
4. Shsheadri Chari- Convenor External Affairs Cell, BJP
5. Prof. Rajiv Wijesinghe. MP from Sri Lanka and the main spokesperson for Sri Lanka.

G.Parthasarathy has been very influential as far as the Eelam Tamils struggle. He is such a nasty stubborn individual that in the TV discussion he is talking of two engineering colleges for Eelam Tamils. He is the one involved mainly in the IPKF adventure, 13th amendment bluff, peace-talk time buying tactic, the genocide, making the UK and USA complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils.

He talks about what happened in the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. What a lier he is. Please see the Tamil net report of 23rd October. Dr. A. Sivapathasuntharam, Dr. K. Parimelakar and Dr. Kaneswaran were the three medical specialists gunned down mercilessly by the IPKF soldiers who stormed the hospital and opened fire on the innocent people.Some medical employees of JTH who had managed to escape death in the IPKF massacre, now retired, stood in tears when homage was paid to the victims killed 22 years ago.

Bharathiya Janatha Party Sheshadri Chari

National Convenor (External Affairs Cell) of India’s main Opposition Bharathiya Janatha Party Sheshadri Chari recently slammed Britain’s Channel 4 for what he said was an attempt to poison the conducive environment that is now being built between the government and the Tamil population for peace and reconciliation.
In an exclusive interview with the Daily News, Chari said the “Channel 4 documentary which in any case does not appear to be made on any verifiable proof was derogatory in nature and only helps in vitiating the atmosphere (of peace building).” Sheshadri Chari

Chari who had visited the North and spoken to the Tamil civilians said the Sri Lankan government was doing excellent work in the North by strengthening the peace process and undertaking economic development.

“For instance the three language formula is also an excellent initiative at creating social harmony asserting that there is “an urge for peace, progress and prosperity in the North”.
“The Tamil population is fearless today. In my interaction with some of them during my visit I found that they are enjoying freedom from the tyranny of the LTTE”.
Issues like Channel 4 is bound to poison this atmosphere the ground reality is so very different” he said.

He also noted that Sri Lanka was probably the only country in the last half a century which decisively won a war against terrorism. “I can’t recall any other country which has won a war against terrorism. Maoist terrorism, the IRA, Al- Qaeda still exist. They have not been totally annihilated as your country has done with the LTTE”.

Democracy and freedom of Speech.

Advocacy of separatism is disallowed by the sixth Constitutional amendment and all candidates contesting the provincial poll had to submit letters along with their nomination papers swearing allegiance to the Constitution. Thus there is no open articulation of ‘‘Tamil Eelam’’by frontline contestants. Substitute code words for a separate state however are in use and will take time to mobilize street power of Tamils

After the 9/11 twin tower attack, US declared the ‘War on Terror’ against Al-Qaeda. Western powers were alarmed by the innovative methods, used by the Tigers. One of them was the use of suicide bombers. They did not want the LTTE technology to be transferred to the terrorist. That was why they banned the LTTE to cut off their source of finance. It is a shame that RAW of India sought the mean advantage of this unfair branding of the great freedom fighters as terrorists and carried out the genocide.

India was actively involved in the initiation, preparation, planning, and execution of the war since early 2005. Now they are trying there impossible task of defending Sri Lanka while the whole world is appreciating the pathetic plight.

The main blunder they made was that they never properly judged the commitment of Prabhakaran to the freedom of Tamils and the ever innovative brilliance of the LTTE.