Will PUBG comeback in India?


Take over of PUBG from Tencent games in India.

PUBG is the mobile version of players knowns battleground, an intellectual property owned and developed by PUBG corporation, a south Korean gaming company.
PUBG CORPORATION has monitored the current response for the ban of PUBG in India. It has found an overwhelming response from the country’s player base. But also agrees with the government’s decision regarding the ban of PUBG. Considering the reasons for its ban in India and other security reasons criticized by the Indian government, the PUBG corporation has come to a decision.

The PUBG corporation decided to no longer Authorize the PUBG mobile franchise to Tencent games in India. Moreover, it will take on all publishing responsibilities within the country.
It has now made a clear plan to develop and publish all its features within the country. They have also assured to engage it’s community in India through various region based activities. It also informed that the further updates will be announced sooner.