World’s deadliest COVID 19 affected company: PEMEX


Pemex( Petróleos Mexicanos) ,  which is considered as a crown company of mexicos’s president AMLO is the world’s worst COVID 19 affected company.
Pemex, the important source of government revenue has reported the deaths of 314 employees and seven contract workers from Covid-19. This reveals to be the worst affected platform. Pemex’s 7,500 platform workers had died from Covid-19, meaning those workers were more than twice as likely as other Pemex employees to die from the disease and 10 times as likely as the average Mexican citizen. Pemex is still suffering from big outbreaks.
The standard operating procedures for pemex is now so strict but, even then the sufferings are more. In August, a huge floating Pemex oil processing and storage facility off the coast of Campeche state halted operations for six days because of an outbreak.

There’s a decline in the production. This has led to a political consequences for Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, who’s placed Pemex at the heart of his plans to reverse three decades.

He blames the market-friendly agendas of his predecessors—not least the 2014 reforms that ended Pemex’s monopoly and opened the energy sector to foreign investment—for weakening Pemex and, he said on the campaign trail, ransacking Mexico’s oil riches. Pemex is in worse financial shape than almost any other oil company in the world. Oil platform workers are hopeless to AMLO’s vows.
The economical and political consequences are on one side and the employee’s health on the other hand, pemex faces a hard time.