“You can’t Run with the Hare and Hunt with the Hounds”


“Instead of siding with the victims of State Terrorism, they sided with the perpetrators. I think this should give us thought that the political elites in the West talk about human rights, they talk about democracy, but they have their own political interests,”said Professor John P. Nielsen, a sociologist of Loyola University, while addressing Eelam Tamils rallying at Geneva on Monday, the 26th of September 2011.Talking on the past experience of Tamils trusting Western Establishments, he specifically said, “When I see the Transnational Government of Tamil Eel am(TGTE) or the Global Tamil Forum(GTF), you associate and put your faith in the West, I beg to differ.”.

“Criminalisation of your struggle in favour of Sri Lanka was to intimidate you. Don’t be intimidated,” is Professor Neelson’s timely warning!

“To me, I confess that countries are pieces on a chess board upon which being played out a great game for the domination of the world” said Lord Curzon Viceroy of India, 1898. In chess there is something called pawn promotion; US will use this to promote TGTF and GTF to next level to challenge the Lanken government. How long the Eelam Tamil diaspora in the US, UK remain victims or tamed by some elite groups working with the US,UK-funded outfits, thereby they will be deceiving themselves and deceive other Tamils. This is a question seriously discussed nowadays in the diaspora circles.

It is high time that the Tamil diaspora got to decide where they stand on this issue.. You can’t run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Whileee the Eelam Tamils are the worst affected by the war, they are also at the receiving end of the post war Sri Lankan Politics which is indeed continuation of the war by other means or to put it bluntly the continuation of the Genocide. Furtherer, what the partners in the genocide of Tamils are doing is encouraging Sri Lanka into disregarding its genocide crimes and accelerate the pace of the SL genocide to completion and eliminate by ethnic cleansing all traces of Tamil homelands in the East and north of Sri Lanka.

With the defeat of the LTTE’s military strength, the sense of confidence of especially the Eelam Tamils was shattered. We seem to be blinded by our own ignorance and cowed by by our own fear. We simply have to shed the defeated mentality.

But we the Tamils are strong and have got genuine friends. Justice and moral reasoning is on our side. The perpetrators of the Tamil genocide, India , the UK and the USA are suffering from guilty conscious syndrome and they have no answer or credible explanation.

Eelam Nation, I mean the de facto or de jure state, which had even the diplomatic recognition as demonstrated by the visit to Vanni and meeting with our Leader Prabhakaren of the then Commissioner of External Affairs of the European Union, Mr. Chris Patten on 26-11-2003, is factual and is in our memory. These only give us all the encouragement. Our kith and kin back home have given us a good lesson and example by ignoring the bribes and intimidation of the SL governments desperate heavy weights.

Ever since the genocidal war in Sri Lanka ended, one question that has persisted is India’s role in the battle against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. NDTV Defence and Strategic Affairs Editor Nitin Anant Gokhale’s book Sri Lanka: From War to Peace answers that question. India gave Sri Lanka helicopters, supported it with intelligence and the Indian Navy effectively pinpointed LTTE ships and shut the door on the rebels. When asked; In percentage terms, how much did India help Sri Lanka in the war against the LTTE? ‘About 25 per cent’ was the reply. Further the reply dared to say, “While China and Pakistan merely gave Sri Lanka the muscle, India helped the island nation land the knock-out punch.

The Indian approach to Lanka has been timid and indecisive. Partly out of the memory of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination but more due to the shrewdness with which the Lankans have used the bogey of China-Pakistan against India.

“While in the short run the Lankans may have succeeded, but they will suffer in the long run if they get involved in the potential big power rivalry in the Indian Ocean. They may yet discover that a giant India is far more benign than the Chinese dragon.” said Colonel (Dr) Anil Athale (retired)

If one takes the trouble to refer the International Crisis Group Report of 20th February 2008, under the caption,” Sri Lanka’s Return to War:Limiting the Damage”, then only he or she will understand the game plan of the Imperialist forces as far as the Eelam Tamils struggle for independence.

One of their recommendations, specifically on the ‘LTTE & The Tamil Diaspora’, is as follows; “…..Peace supporters should consider setting a deadline for renunciation of a separate state , after which they would actively pursue prosecutions of current LTTE leaders for war crimes and crimes crimes against humanity..”

Prosecution of LTTE is something planned one year ago by the agents of Imperialism. Then can anyone blame the UN panel?