About Us

Welcome to ORU PAPER - Your Trusted Source for Community News and Connection! ORU PAPER, a distinguished FREE bilingual (English & Tamil) fortnightly newspaper, has been proudly serving the South-Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil community since its inception in 2004. Committed to delivering informative content and fostering a sense of community, ORU PAPER has become a cherished platform for keeping our readers connected to their roots.

Key Highlights:

  1. Established Legacy: With a rich history dating back to 2004, ORU PAPER has consistently delivered high-quality journalism and community-focused content. Over the years, we have evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of our readers while remaining true to our commitment to excellence.
  2. Global Presence: ORU PAPER has expanded its reach across borders, with five separate editions distributed in Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Every 1st and 3rd Friday of each calendar month, our readers eagerly anticipate the arrival of ORU PAPER to stay connected with the latest news and updates from their homeland.
  3. Community Trust: In 2007, a survey conducted by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in London revealed that an impressive '96% of the Tamil community reads ORU PAPER.' This overwhelming vote of confidence reflects the trust and reliability that our readers place in us to deliver relevant and engaging content.
  4. Oru Directory: As an extension of our commitment to the community, ORU PAPER proudly presents the Oru Directory, a comprehensive Tamil business directory. This valuable resource is meticulously maintained to connect businesses with their target audience, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to thrive within the community.

At ORU PAPER, we believe in the power of information to strengthen community bonds. We are not just a newspaper; we are a bridge that connects our readers to their heritage, culture, and fellow community members. Join us in this journey of unity, knowledge, and celebration as we continue to be the heartbeat of the South-Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil community.

Stay informed, stay connected – with ORU PAPER.